Lutron RadioRA-SR Wirelessly Controls Lights and Lutron Shades

The single-room lighting control application RadioRA-SR from Lutron Electronics gives you wireless control, settings, sensors and Lutron shades.

lutron radiora-sr

Lutron's RadioRA-SR keypad

If you’ve got a big multipurpose room, theater room or other space that needs some TLC when it comes to lighting, Lutron has the single-room solution for you.

The company at CES 2009 has unveiled its RadioRA-SR wireless lighting control system for single rooms — lots of applications, no new wires. We’re talking theater rooms in which you want to have special scenes set up for before and after the movie, media rooms where windows allow in too much natural light, great rooms that are used for eating, relaxing and TV watching that require different lighting settings.

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RadioRA-SR has plenty in store for your lighting scheme, including integration with other universal remotes and electronic gear (through Ethernet and RS-232) so you can control it all conveniently. You can have every area of your room, or the whole space at once, under presets and “scenes” so it’s all perfect.

Depending on your needs, the system includes:

  • Dimmers and switches- replace existing dimmers or switches to control individual lights
  • Wall-mounted keypad- controls lights, Lutron shades and scenes at the touch of a button
  • Integrated scene controller- controls lights, Lutron shades and scenes from remotes, touchscreens or computers
  • Vacancy sensor- delivers energy savings when rooms are unoccupied
  • In-line lamp socket module- screws in under the shade to bring lamps into the mix
  • Sivoia QS wireless roller shades- quietly covers windows to eliminate glare and reflections
  • Sivoia QS wireless drapery track- showcase a projection screen and enhance a room’s decor with motorized curtains

No word on pricing, but we’re guessing it varies depending on the size and scope of the project. Look for RadioRA-SR from your local systems provider, and you’ll be able to find a wireless solution that’s a bright idea for just about any room — especially that big home theater.


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