Logitech Wants to Put the Harmony Keyboard in Your Living Room

The latest Harmony remote will make surfing channels and web content much easier.

For years, Logitech has made Harmony remotes in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of price tags. Now, the company is introducing something completely different: the Harmony Smart Keyboard.

This latest “remote” will put all of the Harmony goodness into a keyboard and touchpad combo. And even though it looks like something that should be paired with a PC, this new product is specifically designed for your living room.

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It makes sense, given all of the streaming content available on the big screen these days. So instead of spending all of that time scrolling on-screen, the Harmony Smart Keyboard can make channel and web surfing easier and faster.

Designed to work with all sorts of A/V devices, the Harmony Smart Keyboard comes paired with the Harmony Hub. This makes it compatible with over 225,000 different devices. Of course, you can’t control that many at once. The Harmony Smart Keyboard can replace remotes for up to eight of your A/V essentials.

The Hub allows the system to accept IR, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth commands, so users can put it inside a cabinet without needing to “point” the keyboard. That Hub also allows users to incorporate the free Harmony app for iOS and Android devices.

Also worth mentioning is that the keyboard has special buttons for activity-based commands (“watch a movie”), as well as Guide, Pause, Play, Channel Up or Down, and game console navigation buttons.

Logitech will start selling the Harmony Smart Keyboard later this month, with an MSRP of $149.99.

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