Logitech Launches Harmony One

New universal remote boasts a 2.2-inch touchscreen, an ergonomic design, and compatibility for up to more than 225,000 devices.


Logitech's new Harmony One promises improved ease of use and an intuitive button layout divided into four distinct zones.

Could 20,000 hours of research go horribly wrong? Hopefully not for Logitech’s sake. That’s the amount of time that the company says they’ve put into the new Harmony One, a slick color touchscreen with the strength of up to 15 remotes combined.

So what does one find out during thousands of hours of research? Apparently that the Harmony formula is working pretty well. The One has the activity-based control that has made Harmony famous (well.. in Remote World), with hard buttons and a 2.2-inch touchscreen. However, this new unit has a better, stronger screen, which “responds to tiny electrical charges from the fingertips.” Interesting…

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The 40-button layout has also been spruced up a bit to include zones so you aren’t fumbling while trying to stuff your face with popcorn.

Forget about memorizing channels; it’s still got display icons that we’ve become scarily dependent on. It also looks pretty slick for the $250 price tag. Snag one starting next month.

Read the Entire Press Release Here.


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