Lockitron Unlocks Doors from Anywhere in the World

The automated system will start shipping in March 2013.


Forget those pesky keys. Apigy has something much better — and it won’t jingle in your pocket. The company just started taking orders for the Lockitron, a device that attaches to your door and allows access via almost any smartphone.

According to The Verge, the Lockitron packs in Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-FI, and NFC support.

To make the magic happen, the Lockitron comes with a mini server that needs to be connected to your home network. From there, loosen your deadbolt and slide the backplate in behind it. Then the Lockitron goes over that. Oh, it also needs four AA batteries, which should last for about a year.

Once installed, users can tap into the Lockitron from any smartphone, to lock and unlock the door. It works with an app and can even unlock the door just by walking up to it (with the smartphone in your pocket or hand, of course). Anther nifty feature is that Lockitron can alert users when someone unlocks the door or even when someone knocks, via the included sensor and a text message.

Apigy has already exceeded its $150,000 fundraising goal — by a lot. However, the company is still taking orders for the Lockitron, with plans to ship in March 2013. Lockitron comes in black, white and blue, with an MSRP of $149. If you want to get a better peek before you place an order, check out the video below.


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