Linksys Launches Suite for New Media Center Extenders

Using the DMA2200 (or DMA2100) as an anchor, the new combo boasts DVD, digital storage and home monitoring features.


Linksys new Media Center Extender line goes beyond just streaming entertainment, thanks to a few add-ons.

My media center is better than yours — well, it will be. Microsoft just announced a slew of new wireless Media Center Extenders, but the ones from Linksys also have a few interesting add-ons.

The DMA2200 ($349.99) has an upscaling DVD player; the DMA2100 ($299.99) does not. Both boast easy access to HD TV content, digital music, photos and more all via the included remote. Along with the new add-ons, however, this setup can kick any similar product’s shiny metal butt — throwing home monitoring and digital storage into the mix.

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Both boxes have expected hookups, including HDMI. Also, as a nice little bonus there are other add-on products, which can turn that Media Extender into something more than streaming entertainment.

The Dual-Band N router enables you to segregate content and connect the Media Extender in the 5.0GHz spectrum, rather than the traditional 2.4GHz. This makes it easier for the content to transfer without any latency — translating in lag-free audio and video.

The NAS200 enables you to house all of your digital photos, home videos, and music in enormous location for the DMAs throughout your home to access over the network.

Finally, the WVC54GCA is a home monitoring camera with audio that can be integrated into your DMA with the use of plug-ins to view things like your front door or baby’s room from within the Media Extender’s interface.

There’s no word on pricing for any of the add-ons, but everything should be available sometime in November.


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