Life|point Hi-Def Touch Panel Rules All

Control your home's lighting, security, HVAC and more all while viewing your favorite movies in glorious 16:9.

Life|point Hi-Def Touch Panel

A company doesn’t name itself Exceptional Innovation without a few nifty tricks up its sleeve. The latest is the Life|point, a high-definition touchpanel that allows users to surf through four simultaneous streams of video on one slick screen.

Apple addicts will surely love the point-and-slide navigation feature, a la the iPod touch and iPhone. Tap the screen to catch a full 16:9 view of content, pause live TV, or experience other aspects of the Lifevision system, which includes instant news, traffic and weather as well as access to whole-house lighting, climate, security, and other home systems.

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Other features include stereo speakers, microphone, ambient light sensor, and an automatic touch-to-wake power saving mode. A variety of finishes are available in two sizes: 8.9 and 12.1 inches. Prices: $6,000 to $7,000.


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