LG Gets into Smart Light Bulb Biz with Bluetooth

LG’s smart light bulb includes call alert feature and responds to music.

The smart light bulb market is looking pretty bright lately (sorry for the pun, but I couldn’t resist). Aside from the Philips Hue, the smart bulb world has mostly been populated with small brands and startups. Now LG, one of the largest electronics companies in the world, is entering the market.

The announcement of LG’s new smart bulb comes from the company’s Korean website. I had to depend on Google to translate the information into English, so don’t count on 100 percent accuracy. It appears new the smart bulbs use Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi to communicate to the user’s Android or Apple iOS phone.

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The LED bulb, said to be 80 percent more efficient than an incandescent, can be turned on or off via the smartphone app or dimmed to the designed brightness. Timers can schedule the light to turn on, and a security mode will make the house look lived in by turning the light on and off automatically. It also apparently can be set to blink or flash in sync with music for a party atmosphere. A call alert feature causes the light to flash when you get a call or message on your phone.

The light does not change colors as the Philips Hue, LIFX or Tabu Lumen. The web site lists a price of 35,000 won or $32. There’s no information on whether the product will come to the US.

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