Leviton & Microsoft Develop Wireless Home Automation

The two team up to deliver Windows-compatible, Z-Wave-enabled wireless control options.


Leviton has joined forces with software giant Microsoft Corporation to offer a way to remotely control lighting and other Z-Wave-enabled home automation schemes using any number of popular consumer electronic products.

Bridging the Microsoft/Leviton connection is the industry’s first Z-Wave-compliant Ethernet gateway, the Vizia RF Foyer from Leviton. Available during the second quarter of this year, the Vizia RF Foyer will connect to a PC or laptop Ethernet port and transmit signals to a Z-Wave home control network.

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The Z-Wave “mesh” topology from Zensys overcomes the performance issues and high cost of earlier generations of wireless home control systems. Each module is equipped with a two-way radio frequency (RF) activated chip. Z-Wave command signals travel from module to module or “node” to “node” along the network to their final destination. If any form of interference blocks the signal along the way (a wall, or a large appliance like a refrigerator), the signal is automatically re-routed through other modules or nodes, until it succeeds in reaching its destination.

The Vizia RF Foyer Ethernet Gateway expands the functionality of Leviton’s Vizia RF line of devices, which includes digital dimmers and switches, along with a full-function scene controller, zone-controller, appliance and lamp modules and remote controls. These devices can be installed as a single, stand-alone lighting control network or as part of Z-Wave’s larger “intelligent” network of HVAC, access, intruder, fire detection, and appliance controls, as well as other home systems.

  • Available Q2 2007
  • Works via Z-Wave technology
  • Line includes dimmers, switches, controllers, lamp modules, and other appliances

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