Let the Weather Control Your House

Software update to control system allows weather conditions to manage electronic systems.


It’s raining; better close the windows. The temperature is expected to drop; might want to bump up the heat. The sun is beaming and it’s hot; good idea to close the drapes and shades. So many things we do in and around our homes relate to the conditions outside. Realizing this, Elan Home Systems announced a new software update (6.2) to its popular g! home automation system that allows custom electronics (CE) pros to program specific events based on the local weather forecast. For you, the homeowner, this results in greater convenience, safety and comfort.

Conditions including temperature, humidity, wind, and weather alerts for your geographic area can actuate devices like motorized window shutters, irrigation systems, thermostats and send email alerts to your cell phone. The feature is enabled through Elan’s partnership with Weather Underground, which is part of the Weather Channel Companies. Just as the Elan g! can display on touchpanels, tablets and most recently with the 6.2 launch, the screen of TVs, the status reports of security devices, thermostats, lights and A/V equipment, it is now able to present the current weather conditions and forecasts.

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The software update also provides the opportunity for greater personalization and simpler programming, which can streamline design and installation time.

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