Blending Sophisticated Tech in a Sophisticated Apartment

An understated but elegant system starring Rotel receivers and Savant control gives this Manhattan apartment some swagger.


Editor’s Note: This profile of one of our Home of the Year winners originally ran in May of 2012. We’re highlighting past winners in anticipation of the May 2013 release of the new Home of the Year winners. You’ll want to check back in May, because the new winners are awesome.

Picture this: a primo apartment near New York City’s Central Park and sporting some grand views of the city. All one needs is some music, video and a control system to add the necessary background ambiance. And the apartment was even gutted for renovations, which usually makes an installation easier. But a gut renovation in a high-rise New York City apartment can be a challenge for builders, architects, and interior designers alike. It is even more so for an audio-video contractor who is consulted late in the game. So electronics system installer Home Theater of Long Island (HTOLI) armed itself with a slick control system and some audio/video economy to provide an understated but powerful system.

Rotel components, Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) speakers and a Savant control system offer up tremendous audio, facile control, and equipment that would not overpower the room or detract from some of the best views of Manhattan.

The main hurdle was fitting all of the desired equipment in a cabinet that had already been built and installed. HTOLI had to find the appropriate equipment that would not only provide the level of performance and aesthetic requirements the owner sought, but would also fit within the cabinet. One of the first things Kaloma Smith, managing director of HTOLI, decided was to forgo a distributed audio system that would gobble up rack space, opting for two Rotel receivers instead. The receivers send music and soundtracks to B&W CM series bookshelf speakers and a B&W subwoofer, which Smith picked for their excellent sound quality in small, attractive packages. HTOLI also discretely hid two slide-out racks in the cabinet, maximizing real estate for components. A 55-inch Samsung TV, calibrated to ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) standards by video expert Kevin Miller, takes center stage when the owner wants to relax and watch sports or a movie.

In the bedroom, HTOLI worked with the homeowner to design a custom speaker and back plate from Leon speakers, along with custom LED lighting (see sidebar). To easily control the entire apartment, a Savant system handles audio/video, shades, lighting, and more, all at the touch of a button on one of the slick Savant Select remotes or from the homeowner’s iPad.

“We did everything the client wanted and, considering this was a project where we could not make a lot of design decisions, it came out extremely well,” says Smith. “We also gave him a tremendous amount of value by installing a system for under $50,000 in an apartment worth millions.”

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