Leap Motion 3D Controller Starts Shipping

The companion Airspace store allows people to buy, download and launch Leap-specific apps.


Earlier this year, we got a huge tease when pre-orders began for the Leap Motion Controller. Now, about five months later, the innovative device has started shipping.

Leap Motion can put gesture control into computers, just like manufacturers are doing with newer HDTVs. Designed to work with Windows 7/8 and Mac OS X, the Leap Motion can track hand movements up to 1/100th millimeter. With no visible lag time, the Leap Motion Controller boasts a 150-degree field of view and can track individual hands and all 10 fingers at up to 290 frames per second.

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The iPod-sized Leap Motion Controller connects right to your computer’s USB port.

So what can you do with the Leap? You’ll have to check Airspace. This is Leap’s newly launched online store, where people can buy, download and launch apps specifically designed for Leap’s 3D interaction. More than 75 different free and paid apps are available now, with more coming soon.

“Today marks a tremendous milestone for the company, but we’re just getting started,” said Michael Buckwald, Leap Motion’s co-founder and CEO. “Leap Motion enhances the computing experience to allow people to do things in new and better ways, and we’re committed to breaking down the barriers between people and technology to make the future more easily accessible.”

The Leap Motion Controller is available now, with an MSRP of $79.99.

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