Leading U.K. Control Company Eyes U.S.

Intamac Systems Ltd -- a U.K.-based company specializing in home control, access, and security -- has an eye on the U.S. market and the leadership team to get there.

The Intamac Home Monitoring Kit

The Intamac Home Monitoring Kit.

I recently came across a few press releases regarding Intamac Systems, a company out of Northampton, England that offers services and products in home control and security. One release mentioned that Intamac CEO Kevin Meagher is a finalist for the Ernst & Young U.K. Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) award, and the other informed of the recent hiring of three new “team” members who bring a wealth of related experience to the growing and dominant company.

I was not very familiar with the company, so I delved a little deeper and learned that, in addition to earning leadership accolades and assembling a strong corporate office team, Intamac has expansion plans that could land them on the East Coast of our very own US of A in the very near future.

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Home monitoring and security is an integral part of any automated home. The ability to remotely monitor and access one’s security system –- and to receive prompt alerts when that system has been breached — brings a measure of comfort to the homeowner that nothing else really can. Intamac offers these services and products, and they wisely leverage the Internet to allow greater homeowner control and access over the system.

Their products include a Home Monitoring Kit (which bundles a control panel, motion detector, magnetic door contract, and remote keyfob), flood detectors, smoke detectors, wireless remote controls -– the usual potpourri of security-related products. It’s really the company’s service that seems to set them apart. Not only will they monitor the home for alarm activity, they will send alerts via SMS (text message) email, or phone to the homeowner and a list of selected contacts (family, friends, neighbors, etc.) for assurance that someone will be notified. Furthermore, customers can access their system anytime from anywhere in the world via the Internet. They can check for activity, change up the contact list, and turn the system on and off. For the late-working parent or parents, it is comforting to know that the kids have arrived home and all is safe and sound.

Intamac’s latest partnership with Cisco brings a Linksys camera into the picture, augmenting the home’s security system and allowing for access to images over the Internet or through a cell phone.

I’m not saying Intamac is necessarily doing what others (ADT, et al) are not, but when a company’s leadership starts earning awards and they have plans to step into the U.S. market, it’s worth taking notice. And according to Dave Rimmer, Intamac’s business development manager, moving into the U.S. market is exactly what the company plans to do. East Coasters should look for Intamac offices and services by the next calendar year. For a greater head’s up on all that Intamac offers, check out their site at www.intamac.com.

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