Lagotek Automation System Now Does Windows

Acquisition of motorized window covering manufacturer supports wireless connectivity.


It used to be that motorized window coverings could only be operated from an automation system when attached to the automation processors with cabling.

In newly constructed homes, getting the wire from the windows to the automation system was fairly straightforward, but in an existing home the task could often be tedious and labor intensive. To simplify the process, manufacturers of motorized window coverings and automation systems have started working together to develop wireless connectivity solutions.

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Lagotek, a manufacturer of home automation systems, for example, announced that is has acquired certain assets and RS Scene Automation, a developer of wired and wireless control systems for motorized window coverings.

Those assets include a line of Z-Wave motor controls, which will enable wireless communications between Lagotek’s automation systems and Z-Wave enabled motorized window coverings.

The benefit consumers will realize, according to Lagotek, will not only be a more convenient way to open and close drapes, shades and blinds, but an effective way to curb energy use.

Because Lagotek’s systems can also be used to control lighting and heating and cooling systems, the motorized window coverings can respond automatically to changes in a home’s temperature or lighting conditions.

For example, if the indoor temperature rises above a certain level, the Lagotek system can signal the motorized window controller to close the drapes to block out the afternoon sun.

Lagotek also recently announced a partnership with Budget Blinds.


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