Kohler’s Newest Numi Toilet Has Bluetooth and Ambient Lighting

The company's upgraded "smart toilet" will sell for around $6,650.


If you’re going to spend six grand on a toilet, you want a throne truly fit for a king. Kohler is upgrading its previously released Numi toilet to add several new features — and another $300 to the MSRP.

The newest Numi includes advancements like a Bluetooth receiver for streaming music right to the toilet, an SD card for music playlists or a “personalized welcome greeting,” and even ambient lighting with seven color options. Yes, this disco toilet has mood lighting to put you in the mood to potty.

Other features include an LCD touchscreen, a USB port, a built-in personalized bidet and deodorizer, and dual-flush technology that promises 0.6 and 1.28 gallons per flush. Of course, a pricey potty wouldn’t be complete without a heated seat and foot warmer.

And if the power ever goes out, you won’t be Numi-free. Kohler says that it has a battery pack that can support up to 100 flushes in case of an emergency.

“Consumer feedback on the Numi toilet allowed us to identify which additional upgrades were most important to users,” says Brian Hedlund, Kohler senior product manager for toilets and bidets. “The new enhancements will allow for better enjoyment of the functionalities.”

If there has been consumer feedback on the Numi, I say it’s nice that Kohler is listening. After all, the new Numi toilet will be selling somewhere in the range of $6,650.

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