Kohler Debuts $6390 Numi Toilet

This pricey bathroom buddy includes automated features, a heated seat and foot warmer, and built-in speakers.


As if it wasn’t hard enough sharing a bathroom. Kohler hopes to keep homeowners wanting more potty time with its Numi toilet.

The new “smart toilet” includes an interactive LCD touchscreen, built-in personalized bidet and deodorizer features, dual-flush technology, a heated seat and foot warmer, and automated open/close options for the lid.

Everything can be controlled from the unique Numi remote. And while you may have to scramble for a new roll of toilet paper, the remote should always be where you left it, since it’s magnetic.

It doesn’t exactly look “huggable” for you party people out there. In fact, Numi looks a lot like a trash compactor and/or photocopier. Just to make sure guests don’t get confused in the dark, Numi also has illuminated panels. The lighting should also keep all of your toes intact during those late-night bathroom breaks.

While not as friendly as Toto’s Neo 2 (aka the talking toilet), this one does offer beatiful music to accompany your business. Built-in speakers can blast out Numi’s pre-programmed audio and FM radio, or you can connect your own MP3 player through the audio input jack on the remote docking station.

How much would you pay for a throne that’s fit for a king? According to CNN, it will sell for $6390. Check out their video walkthrough below.


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