iRobot Sends Blue Roomba 790 Vacuum on Its Merry Automated Way

The latest member of iRobot's little family adds in the option of a wireless command center.


Believe it or not, all of those hours of gaming may help you with chores. Just try putting those nimble thumbs to the test, with the newly announced iRobot Roomba 790.

The latest in the iRobot family offers the option to add in a “wireless command center,” which is basically a remote control. So while you kick back on the couch, you can steer the iRobot around the room, set the on-board clock, send it back to its charging base, start cleaning, or even chase the dog (don’t do that!).

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Basically, the new controller provides the option to control the Roomba 790 anywhere in the house. It also allows users to schedule cleaning while away from home.

Other new features include a redesigned blue faceplate and room-to-room navigation, so you aren’t confined to the mess in one area.

That wireless command center is one of the Roomba 790 many optional accessories. The $699.99 package does come with a few things, though, include a charging station, two “virtual wall lighthouses,” a set of two HEPA filters, two brush cleaning tools, one side brush, one beater brush, and one bristle brush.


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