iOn Touchless Switches Can Control Lights and Appliances with a Wave

The product is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter.

There are a lot of home control options that operate using a button or a swipe. However, one company wants to cut out the actual physical contact from home automation. The iOn is a next-gen light switch that can operate with the wave of a hand.

The iOn has a capacitive proximity switching system, so users don’t need that actual touch to make things happen. If a wave isn’t an option, the iOn also has a compatible app for iOS and Android devices.

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However, the switch doesn’t just work with lights. It can also work with fans, pool pumps, electric fireplaces, and pretty much any other electrical or electronic devices.

The iOn’s parent company, Ion Switching, is currently looking to fund the product through Kickstarter. Apparently, the campaign will be used to fund production tooling, application development and global testing and certification. To secure the iOn, backers must pledge a minimum of $40 before the campaign ends on Thursday, April 24. The company then plans to start shipping the iOn this August.

“This is an exciting time for anyone interested in cool technology and interior design,” said spokesperson Landon Metcalf. “This is the future of home automation, and with the funds received from this campaign, we can make it a reality.”

For more information on how the iOn works, check out the video below.

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