Interactive Voice Looks to Bring ivee Sleek to Market via Kickstarter

The hands-free option is a voice-activated and Internet-connected assistant for the home.


Back in January, we were introduced to Interactive Voice and their product, ivee Sleek. The company had hoped to launch the WiFi voice-activated assistant for the home sometime this summer. First though, the company needs a little bit of help.

Interactive Voice just launched a Kickstarter project to help with the product’s final stages of production. If all goes well, Interactive Voice will start shipping ivee Sleek in October 2013.

Hailed as a “Siri” for the home, ivee Sleek can answer questions, obey commands and even control web-enabled devices. It also has an online dashboard that allows users to personalize the ivee experience with third-party smart home devices, including thermostats, locks, lights, plugs, vacuums, and more.

Interactive Voice is looking for pledges from $1 to $10,000. Of course , certain pledges do have certain advantages. The first 50 people to pledge $199 or more will get their names and bios entered into ivee’s knowledge bank. Seems like something kind of cool if you have a fairly common name.

If you’re willing to be one of the five people to kick in $10,000 of more, you’ll be treated to an all-inclusive seven-day trip to Asia, which will include a factory tour, a meet and greet with the ivee team, and a night on the town in Hong Kong. Of course, you’ll also get the chance to pick up your ivee just seconds after it comes off the production line.

“Our customers have been asking us for a smart, Internet-connected ivee for years,” said Jonathon Nostrant, founder of ivee. “We now have all the technologies in place to launch ivee Sleek, and we saw Kickstarter as the best platform to bring her to life.”

Interactive Voice plans to sell the ivee Sleek for $199. That price includes her first batch of applications, such as alarms, weather, stocks, sleep sounds, bedtime stories, and much more.

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