Insteon On/Off Module Adds Control to Any Plug-In Device

The upcoming product can add control and scheduling to non-dimming lamps and appliances.

It’s the weekend, which probably means you’ll be running out — and leaving those lights, fans, space heaters, curling irons and other devices running as well. Sometimes when we rush, we forget things that can skyrocket those monthly energy bills. Sometimes, they can be dangerous in other ways!

Of course, there are ways to monitor your home when away from home. Insteon wants to make that task easier and more convenient with the newly announced Insteon On/Off Module (2635-222). This plug-in device can control non-dimming lamps and appliances from anywhere in the world.

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Just plug the On/Off Module into and outlet and plug another device into the module. From there, you can control lights, fans, space heaters, lava lamps, and much more. However, if you want that option outside of the home, the Module needs to be paired with the Insteon Hub. With that in the mix, users can access those connected devices from any smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world.

Besides performing the typical on/off functions, the app allows users to schedule devices to be used or turned off at sunrise, sunset or anywhere in between. Other features include Insteon’s Dual-Band technology for a strong signal, a status LED, a grounded outlet, and local control right on the module.

Insteon has yet to set a price or release date for the On/Off Module.

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