Insteon Fans Can Now Enjoy a Little Mayhem

Microsoft's Windows app allows enthusiasts to create their own home automation.


Insteon suggests LampLinc for beginners.

Home automation tweakers: Get ready for the Mayhem. Of course, we’re talking about Mayhem, the new open-source, custom-control coding platform that’s now available.

The Windows application was developed by Microsoft Research and then donated to Outercurve. The app encourages the ultimate smart home, allowing users to connect and control different devices though a customized chain of “events” and “reactions.”

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Looking to launch a favorite website with the sound of your voice? Mayhem can be synced with a microphone so that when you say a keyword (event), the system will type in the web address (reaction). There are downloadable packages that can add in smartphones, consoles, applications and more.

That’s where Insteon comes in — and quite cheaply, in fact. Free Insteon packages for Mayhem are now available for download. They provide the code, you plug in the possibilities. Create automation locks, trigger lighting, belt out music, crank up the AC, and more.

To use Mayhem, you’ll need a SmartLinc or USB PowerLinc module and at least one device module. If you’re a beginner, Insteon suggests starting off with the LampLinc (2457D2), SwitchLinc (2477D) or OutletLinc (2472DWH).

Once you have the products, download and install Mayhem and the Insteon Mayhem package, and get connected.

“Insteon’s simple programming interface was a very obvious ‘must have’ for Mayhem,” said Paul Dietz, a researcher at Microsoft. “With Insteon support, Mayhem now has access to an amazingly rich variety of home automation devices.”


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