Inside Football Legend John Elway’s High-tech Home

Prolific passer discusses the technology in his home.


Recently, Electronic House was invited to tour the home of one of the best quarterbacks of all time, John Elway. His 15,000-square-foot residence, although more than 30 years old, does a good job of defying its age, thanks to the incorporation of modern technology. We asked John about it during an interview. Be sure to pick up the October 2012 issue of Electronic House for the complete story.

Would you consider yourself to be a technology enthusiast?

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Elway: I’ve always embraced new technology, but really rely on my home systems installer Keith Russell (of MVP Audio/Video in Denver, Colo.) to keep me up to date on things that might be convenient and useful.

You recently had a Vantage InFusion lighting control system installed. What attracted you to this product?

Elway: The fact that it was wireless. My house is 30 years old, so it was important to that the system be wireless. The whole concept of lighting control makes a lot of sense. I was brought up to always turn the lights off when you leave a room, so it drives me crazy when the lights are left on in my house. With the Vantage system, I can turn off everything from one button.

How easy was it for you to learn to use?

Elway: Very easy. Right now we used keypads primarily, but we are also using a wireless touchpanel, and will eventually use our iPads.

What’s the coolest feature?

Elway: That’s got to be Paige’s (Elway’s wife) “cookie” button. She’s a bit of a night owl; this button by her bed lights a pathway from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Any other technologies you’d like to add to your house?

Elway: We like to explore all our options. The key thing, regardless of what kind of system we put in, is that it be wireless and able to be installed without tearing up the house.


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