ihiji Adds Control4 and ZigBee Support

The cloud-based monitoring company can now play nice with a variety of different devices.


On each ihiji client site a low-power and small form factor monitoring appliance performs the active monitoring of the devices on the local network.

The Texas-based ihiji made the announcement today that its cloud-based monitoring service is now compatible with Control4 home automation systems as well as ZigBee devices. Isn’t it great when everything plays nice together?

“Control4 has long held the view that in order to drive home automation adoption, everything in the home must work together,” said Eric Smith, CTO and co-founder of Control4. “The ihiji invision system will help our dealers provide higher levels of customer service and reduce the cost of their support infrastructure by proactively monitoring system interactions and reporting any deviations.”

Yes, the ihiji invision is specifically designed for dealers and installers. That means that it probably won’t have a direct effect on your day today. However, it should keep your system humming along — in a good way.

This ihiji invision cloud-based remote monitoring and support system allows for 24/7, two-way way communication with control, A/V, HVAC, lighting, and other home systems. It makes maintenance and upgrades easy, meaning you’ll save on service costs while reaping the benefits of better system reliability.

“Dealers will now be able to monitor many aspects of Control4 installations with ihiji invision, including ZigBee devices,” said Stuart Rench, ihiji president and co-founder. “This represents a significant opportunity for all Control4 and ihiji dealers. They can now approach new or existing clients with a proactive remote monitoring and support solution that integrates easily and ensures improved system reliability and performance through extended device visibility.”


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