iDevices Switch Puts Apple HomeKit into Any Outlet

The connected plug allows you to add any electronic devices into a HomeKit setup.

iDevices Switch Puts HomeKit into Any Outlet

There’s been a lot of talk about HomeKit lately. However, that’s pretty much it—just talk. We’ve been talking up Apple’s home automation solution ever since it was first announced last year.

Now, one company is planning to take action, by introducing a connected product for HomeKit users sometime this fall. The upcoming iDevices Switch is a new connected plug that will work with Apple HomeKit.

A plug may not seem all that exciting. However, the Switch can automate a crop of electronic devices that previously never had those convenient capabilities. With support for Bluetooth and WiFi, it allows homeowners and renters the option to control, monitor and schedule everyday appliances from anywhere in the world.

Just plug the iDevices Switch into an available outlet and plug a lamp, appliance or other item into the Switch’s side-facing receptacle. Once connected, users can tap into that device via the iDevices Connected app for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Inside the app, users can create custom events, schedules and scenes. It even has the option for grouping, so you can operate multiple products simultaneously. For instance, with one command, you can turn on multiple lights, fans and more. The app also allows for a little extra customization, because users can upload photos for a more personalized interface.

And of course, because of integration with Apple HomeKit, you can bark out orders using Siri and have her respond to your voice commands.

The iDevices Switch doesn’t need a hub or any type of subscription fees. Aside from taking the 2 minutes to download the free app, the plug works right out of the box. Also worth mentioning is that the iDevices Switch has a customizable nightlight, so maybe you can save a toe or two from being stubbed in the middle of the night.

The iDevices Switch is compatible with iOS devices (iPhone 4S+, iPod touch 5+, iPad mini, iPad 3+ and ) running iOS 8.1+. Look for it to show up in Lowe’s sometime in October 2015.


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