Husqvarna Debuts Automower App

The free app allows the truly lazy to use an iPhone for lawn chores.


Is there anything that technology can’t do? Before you start spouting off in the comments section, we have one thing to check off your list: lawn care.

Yes, the robotic lawnmower is nothing new. However, Husqvarna is adding a slight twist into the tech, by adding an iPhone app.

Available now, Husqvarna’s My Automower app allows you to mow the lawn when you are on the go. Want the lawn to look good for after work? If you have an Automower robotic lawnmower with GPS, the unit can be remotely controlled from your iPhone screen.

Other app features include a buying guide, installation movies, and FAQs.

Most of the Automower range can accommodate an add-on GPS Communication Unit. It also comes standard on Husqvarna’s 260 ACX model. Besides remote control, the GPS also provides theft tracker and SMS alert functions.


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