“House of the Future” Returning to Disney

Disney's new-and-improved exhibit will allow visitors to get their geek on.


The first House of the Future was on display from 1957 to 1967.

Disney just announced that it would bring back its “House of the Future Exhibit” this spring. Surely a full day of “It’s a Small World” might be a bit easier to swallow with a few geeky gadgets in the mix.

The attraction, which was open from 1957 to 1967, didn’t exactly excite people about the future’s possibilities. After 10 years on display, the future started to look more like archives. Who wants to see old technology when there’s funnel cake afoot?

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Now over 40 years later, the House of Mouse will soon share space with Microsoft, HP and LifeWare. Displays will include automated lighting and temperature control, as well as smart photo, A/V and kitchen technology.

Plenty of touchpanels and other gadgets will be demonstrated by a faux “family” at the exhibit. After a few rides on the Space Mountain, your spouse should be a pretty easy sale.

Don’t start booking your trip to Florida; the display is only at Disneyland in California. Wired says the 5,000-square-foot display is scheduled to open this May.


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