Honeywell Puts Quad Viewing Capabilities on Lynx Touchscreen

The Lynx Touch 7000 allows for up to four cameras and Z-Wave automation.

Honeywell is cranking out the control options lately. Fresh off announcements for the Lyric and the Lynx Touch 5200, the company is releasing the Lynx Touch 7000, a self-contained security and control system.

The hook on this 7-inch touchscreen is that it can connect to up to four cameras for simultaneous viewing. It creates a “quad screen” effect, so you can watch all four cameras at once. It also boasts graphic icons and “intuitive prompts,” making it easy to operate.

The Lynx Touch 7000 also offers Z-Wave support, so it can connect to a slew of existing home automation products. Other perks include two-way voice over Wi-Fi, as well as alarm features, garage door notification and control, tornado alerts and more. It can also be paired with Honeywell’s Lynx Connect app for iOS and Android devices.

“Research shows that consumers are looking for video as part of their security and connected home systems, and now dealers can add up to four IP cameras on every sale to meet that expectation,” said Rob Puric, Honeywell’s marketing director for Connected Home division. “Once customers have video at their fingertips, they’ll want to interact with their systems wherever they are—an ideal opportunity to offer Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services.”

According to Honeywell, the Lynx Touch 7000 can support 80 wireless zones, a 256 local event log and up to 48 users.

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