Honeywell Adds Voice Features to Tuxedo Touch Touchscreen

The 7-inch touchscreen can control security, locks, lighting, and much more.

Automation has made your life so convenient, you now don’t even need to lift a finger — literally. More companies are starting to add voice into their home control options. The latest is Honeywell.

About a year after Honeywell first introduced the Tuxedo Touch, the company is giving the product an upgrade. The 7-inch controller will now include voice command capabilities.

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The Tuxedo Touch is a touchscreen, which serves as the hub of the connected home. However, instead of just punching in commands with your finger, the controller can now be triggered by sentences, such as “leaving the house.” Those verbal commands can then trigger the controller to arm security systems, adjust lights, lock doors, and more.

However, being able to bark out commands isn’t the only new perk for the Tuxedo Touch. The company is also adding in the ability to record video from security cameras, support for higher-resolution cameras that use H.264 and ONVIF protocol, and remote-upgradeable software that doesn’t need an on-site service call.

As part of Honeywell’s Vista Series, the Tuxedo Touch can connect the home’s Vista security system with Z-Wave thermostats, locks, lighting systems, shades, and more. Once connected, consumers can program the Tuxedo Touch to perform tasks, such as lowering the thermostats and closing shades when the security system is armed. Other features include a built-in web server, the option to integrate smartphones and tablets, and support for Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote Services.

The Tuxedo Touch is currently selling nationwide and can be found for under $500.

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