HomeZIX Integrates X10, Insteon, Z-Wave

HomeZIX is a free, downloadable software package that supports X10, Insteon, and Z-Wave devices.


Screenshot from HomeZIX software. (c) Integrated Power Technologies

HomeZIX is a software program that integrates X10, Insteon, and Z-Wave devices into a home automation network; it allows the user to monitor and control these devices.

The software is set up to use the home’s floor plan as the blank page on which to create one’s master home automation plan. By dragging and dropping device icons onto the blueprint, the network is built and expanded, and then monitored and controlled.

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Although I haven’t downloaded the software yet to give it a trial run (and to see if it will actually control the Z-Wave and Insteon dimmers and light modules I have plugged in around my place), the demo on the Web site suggests that getting HomeZIX up and running shouldn’t take a home technology contractor.

I suppose if I were a C# guy I would have greater appreciation for the fact that HomeZIX also brings scripting capability to compose and run additional home automation control features. I’m curious to hear some feedback from those who have given this a go …

Ben HardyBetween watching re-runs of the “The Jetsons” and convincing his Insteon and Z-Wave controls to get along, Ben Hardy is immersed in the world of home automation, home control, and home networking.


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