HomeZIX Adds Instant Messaging Control

Automation Vista's HomeZIX software can now be controlled through SMS and Yahoo Messenger.

HomeZIX control software

Screenshot from HomeZIX software. (c) Integrated Power Technologies

It hasn’t been two weeks since my blog post on HomeZIX, the downloadable home automation control software from Automation Vista, and already the program has been augmented. Users can now leverage Yahoo Messenger to access and control their HomeZIX — this includes the ability to “talk” to your system using SMS.

Go to www.automationvista.com to read the short tutorial on downloading and setting up YahooZIX, which is the free gateway application that bridges HomeZIX with Yahoo Messenger. The site will run you through all the steps, and it gives an example of using C# scripting to populate a couple devices. The basic idea is that users set up a separate Yahoo ID to serve as a “digital friend” to send and receive messages and interact with HomeZIX. Just how the “digital friend” responds to commands is up to the user –- this is the customization power of C# scripting and HomeZIX. Additionally, setting up one’s Yahoo Messenger to use SMS communication will enable the sending and receiving of control commands through one’s cell phone.

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Looks like a person can spend a lot of time scripting and customizing their home automation system. I can think of worse ways to spend one’s free time. Enjoy!

On a related note, it’s been nice to receive notes from folks who are trying out HomeZIX on their own systems. Keep the personal accounts coming …

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