HomeSeer’s HSM100 Senses Motion, Temperature and Light

The new wireless HSM100 Z-Wave multi-sensor from HomeSeer Technologies can also trigger more complex whole-home automation.

HomeSeer sensor

HomeSeer Technologies' HSM100 multi-sensor

Now this is a smart home product, for those who like to call your residences intelligent rather than simply automated. HomeSeer Technologies has released its HSM100 Z-Wave multi-sensor, designed to sense motion, temperature and light.

Homeowners can use the HSM100 to control up to four other Z-Wave devices directly, and as with other Z-Wave products, the HSM100 is completely wireless. Those with HomeSeer-equipped homes can also use the HSM100 to activate more complex automation events for whole-house control of Z-Wave and non Z-Wave automation products, the company says.

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The unit is based on the latest 300 series Z-Wave chip technology, and a built-in battery monitor may be programmed to alert HomeSeer users by email, phone or voice announcement when the battery needs to be changed.

HSM100 is designed to work seamlessly with Z-Wave products from companies such as Cooper, Leviton, Intermatic, Monster Cable and ACT.

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