HomeSeer Makes Z-Wave Setup Simple

HomeSeer's new Z-Troller computer interface allows you to add and delete devices at the touch of a button.


HomeSeer really is dedicated to riding the Z-Wave. They’ve already got quite an impressive list of offerings that support the wireless technology, and now they’ve announced the Z-Troller controller.

The controller eliminates the need to set up your home control system via a separate computer interface; the Z-Troller is self-contained. With one button, you can add, delete or call out any Z-Wave device on the network.

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The first units will have a serial interface. USB models are coming next year. — Rachel Cericola

  • $139.95
  • Available this month (pre-orders are being taken)
  • Works with HomeSeer PRO-100, HomeSeer HSPRO or HS2
  • Compatible with all Z-Wave products
  • Features serial interface; USB coming in 2007

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