HomeSeer Announces Hybrid Home Controller

The Series 2 HomeTroller combines hardware package with software-based flexibility.

HomeSeer HomeTroller Series 2

HomeSeer's HomeTroller Series 2 is designed to monitor and control lighting, appliances, window shades, A/V, and other home systems.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from HomeSeer. It looks like they’ve been plenty busy.

The company just announced its Series 2 HomeTroller home automation controller. The company calls it a “hybrid” product, which basically means it functions like good ol’ HomeSeer software, but comes in a hard-shell package.

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HomeTroller is built to mesh with plenty of wired and wireless systems, to control lighting, appliances, security, climate, irrigation, window covering, and audio/video systems. It also even be accessed over the Internet. A fan-less design means that it sucks up a lot less of your energy bill. The company says it consumes just 10 watts of power under normal operation.

“We designed the original HomeTroller with four important factors in mind; flexibility, reliability, energy efficiency, and affordability,” states Richard Helmke, HomeSeer’s president and founder. “The new unit is every bit as flexible as the original but offers improved reliability and a lower price.”

That price? The HomeTroller starts at $895.You can also order various plug-ins — everything from iTunes to OnQ — starting at $29.96 each. Place an order now; the unit starts shipping this month.


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