Homemanageables Touts Budget Wireless Home Control

Homemanageables' Starter Kit is a $199 control solution, plus monthly fee, so you can command and monitor your lights, appliances, thermostats, doors and windows.

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Homemanageables' home control Starter Kit

So you want home control but shudder at the thought of the thousands of dollars it will cost you. Fear not, says Homemanageables, which has introduced its Starter Kit control solution for the budget-minded homeowner.

The kit allows homeowners to control lights, appliances, thermostats, doors and windows via the Internet, cell phone or Homemanageables’ toll-free voice command system, the company says.

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And it’s all for $199, plus a $9.95 monthly fee. There’s a 30-day free trial, if you just want to check it out and decide for yourself how well it works in your home.

There aren’t any fancy touchpanels or keypads, but the kit does include: software, two lighting modules for dimming, an appliance module, a USB stick, 3-foot USB extension wire, quick start guide, coupon for free 30-day trial of remote access service, and door/window sensor with batteries and mount included.

No, this isn’t the solution for your large homes, but if you have a reasonable-sized retrofit and are looking for some energy management and convenience, the Starter Kit is a wireless solution, aided by Z-Wave technology, to check out. You don’t need any professional installation help, the company says.


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