Home of the Year Awards 2007: Home of the Year

Innovation, entertainment and home control come together harmoniously in our gold, silver and bronze winners.


Gold Winner:
Perfect Mix of Electronics and Design
There’s a common understanding in the home systems design and installation business: If you can get involved in a project before a home’s blueprints have been drawn up, you’re golden. During the planning phase, a home systems professional is able to visualize the layout of wiring, entertainment cabinets, speakers and storage nooks for electronic components.

Silver Winner:
IP Control Manages 14,000 Square Foot Home
You’d think this sprawling, 14,000-square-foot spread on the Chesapeake Bay that contains a dance hall/nightclub, observatory, billiards room, home theater, 14 flat-panel TVs, 12 zones of audio, 14 security cameras and 145 security and safety sensors would be controlled by a heavy-duty, ultra-expensive home automation system that itself costs more than many homes.

Bronze Winner:
Texas Home Wired for Everything
Located in a Dallas, TX, suburb, Chateau Britannia was once scouted and selected as a set for an A-list movie. Although the homeowners’ schedule could not accommodate the production timetable and the home was not used, the electronic systems in this 12,000-square-foot residence could be right out of a Hollywood script.

Runner Up:
11 Cameras Focus on Electronic House
When adding technology to the home, these owners didn’t want to leave anything out.

Runner Up:
The Ace of Control
When it came to technology, this golf-course-based vacation home didn’t want to get caught in the sand trap.

Runner Up:
Pete’s Urban Paradise
When it came to technology, Pete Mounts wanted it all. He just didn’t want to see any of it.


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