Home Control Through Your TiVo

A HomeSeer plugin from GRHS Technologies lets homeowners control lighting, heating and other systems through their TiVos.

HomeSeer TiVo Plugin

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GRHS Technologies has released a plug-in that lets homeowners manage HomeSeer control systems through their Tivos.

The TiVo plug-in adds a “HomeSeer” menu entry to any TiVo Series2 or Series3 DVR with the Home Media Option. Selecting this provides access to menu choices to control devices or run automation events. GRHS says homeowners can dim the lights, adjust the thermostat or initiate more complex automation events while watching movies or TV shows.

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The TiVo must have network connectivity and be on the same home network that HomeSeer is running on.

GRHS Technologies says it is already receiving requests for additional features from users and it is planning a follow-up release later this year. The current plug-in is available for $69.95 through HomeSeer’s Web site.


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