Home Control Standard in $130K Houses – in Utah

Builder Holmes Homes has teamed with custom electronics pro Safe & Sound Systems on a development near Salt Lake City that will feature Control4 systems, plus a free iPad for you.


While many builders have been slow to embrace custom electronics in their new homes, Holmes Homes sees it as a big opportunity to differentiate. And that means a big opportunity for homeowners to end up in an affordable place that includes automation as a standard amenity.

Holmes Homes recently decided to standardize on whole-house control for its new development of entry-level homes using Control4 equipment installed by successful custom electronics firm Safe & Sound Systems in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Holmes Homes saw an opportunity to offer innovative features that customers request to help make their lives more comfortable, safe and energy efficient and developed a unique package called “The Holmes Technology Standard.” Holmes Homes chose Control4 as the platform for this offering and is delivering a complete Control4 home automation system to homeowners as a standard feature in an affordable new housing development in Daybreak, a sustainable community located near Salt Lake City, Utah.

“It was readily apparent in our first meeting that the Holmes Homes team had embraced the opportunity to take a leadership role and offer a complete yet affordable smart home solution to their customers,” says Jim Arnold, vice president of sales at Control4. “They were focused on execution and committed to launching the models in just a few weeks. The Holmes team delivered. The models opened on time and their prospective customers were delighted by the automation being offered.”

What’s In the Package

The Holmes Technology Standard package includes a IP-based security system, Control4 whole-home controller, Control4 lighting, Control4 thermostats, Kwikset ZigBee door locks and a 2-zone distributed music system with a Control4 iPod docking station. The Control4 system has also been pre-programmed with a “Good Night” feature: A touch of a button closes the garage door, locks all doors and adjusts lighting and thermostat to energy efficient levels. An Apple iPad is also included with every Holmes Smart Home, adding another layer of convenience to the Control4 system by allowing access from any room in the house or anywhere in the world.

“We believe that Control4 technology within our Smart Home designs finally brings home buying in line with the rest of our connected lives,” says Spencer Holmes, president and swner of Holmes Homes, “We believe that building smart homes will become the standard for new construction and with Control4, a Holmes Smart Home is a statement in state-of-the-art advancement in connectivity.”

Holmes Smart Homes start at just $130,000.


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