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Control4’s HC200 includes multiple IR inputs, plus integrated Ethernet and ZigBee with optional Wi-Fi capability.

Antonio from Panama asks:
Is it possible to have an automated home for systems as security, lighting, energy management, data network, A/V data network, bedroom intercoms that will work with Zigbee, Homplug, wireless and RF at the same time?

Mark C answered in the Ask-a-Pro Forum:

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Well, Control 4 does WiFi and Zigbee, but not homeplug. If you are looking for a solution to span more distance without repeaters, you could do something like ethernet over power, and then plug another Control4 unit in at that remote power location, to act as another hub for wireless Zigbee and WiFi in that area of the home.

That would be one way to utilize the strengths of your existing infrastructure, while maintaining the ease of using one control platform and getting support from one vendor.

If you are in Panama, James Avetta is the Control4 Representative for South America and can be reached at 507-226-5284, as he could get you in touch with a dealer there to help.

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