Home Control Via Cell Phone

Columnist Ben Hardy says the cell phone integration in Hawking's HomeRemote makes it an interesting control option.

Hawking Technologies HomeRemote

HomeRemote Wireless Home Automation Gateway (top) and Wireless Video Camera (bottom).

The new HomeRemote system from Hawking Technologies, Inc. began shipping recently. The system features Z-wave technology, and enables users to control automation devices throughout the home, including lighting systems, security, appliances, heating, and more.

The HomeRemote system comes with a remote control for in-home management of the system; users can also access and manipulate the system through web-based browsers and cell phones.

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Particularly attractive features include the ability to receive emails and text messages when motion detection devices are triggered in the home, and the ability to access and view home security cameras through a cell phone.

In an age when everyone owns a cell phone, the integration of this device into the control aspect of a home’s automation system seems worth the price. No home control system would be complete without the ability to create settings and scenes — HomeRemote can do this, too, e.g. scheduling lights to turn on and off to give the appearance of an occupied home when on vacation.

The HomeRemote Gateway package, which includes a remote control, sells for around $230. The system is available for purchase directly from the HomeRemote Online Store, at www.homeremote.net.

Ben HardyBetween watching re-runs of the “The Jetsons” and convincing his Insteon and Z-Wave controls to get along, Ben Hardy is immersed in the world of home automation, home control, and home networking.


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