Hawking Debuts HomeRemote Wireless Home Automation

New system allows you to monitor, secure and control your home locally or from anywhere in the world.


Hawking Technologies, Inc. announced the release of its HomeRemote home control system today. HomeRemote is an affordable, easy-to-use system that lets users control their household appliances and lighting both from within their homes and from anywhere in the world via a standard Internet web browser or mobile phone.

View more of our CES special coverage For added security, HomeRemote also allows users to monitor their home with live video from HomeRemote Wireless Video Cameras (HRNC1). HomeRemote also lets users tailor their homes for personal comfort and control within minutes.

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HomeRemote is also accessible through a mobile phone using the HomeRemote Cell-Link service. Cell-Link allows users to install software on their cell phones that is customized to their home control configuration. The HomeRemote Cell-Link service also provides users with live video from their cellular phones when used with a HomeRemove Wireless Video Camera (HRNC1).

The HomeRemote System (HRGZ1) consists of an Internet Gateway and a handheld remote control for convenient, in-home control of lighting and appliances.

  • Begins shipping March 1
  • $199.99
  • $169.99 for HomeRemote Wireless Video Camera
  • Integrates Wi-Fi, IP-based technology & Z-Wave technology
  • Schedule lights & appliances
  • Receive emails or text messages when devices are triggered
  • Access through any web browser

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