Hammacher Schlemmer Wants to Sell You Some Home Automation

The Smartphone Light And Appliance Controller can provide remote access to devices and lighting.

We’ve talked about home automation breaking into the mainstream many times before. Well you can’t get much more mainstream than this: Home automation is breaking into Hammacher Schlemmer.

The online retailer just announced plans to start selling the Smartphone Light And Appliance Controller. This solution is incredibly simple, but provides remote control of lights and appliances from anywhere with a web connection.

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The $150 package comes with a plug-in dimmer for a lamp, a wall dimmer for a ceiling fixture, a plug-in on/off switch for a single appliance, and a base station that communicates with each through a home’s existing wireless network. Once everything is hooked up, you can tap into connected devices and lights using an app and your iOS or Android device of choice.

According to Hammacher Schlemmer, the on/off switch can support appliances up to 1,500 watts, while the ceiling fixture dimmer replaces any existing wall light switch (and yes, that will require some rewiring). You will also need a wireless router with port-forwarding enabled, in order to access each one from the web. Our sister publication, CE Pro, has a warning for anyone interested in using this device with port forwarding.

The Smartphone Light And Appliance Controller is available now at Hammacher Schlemmer, priced at $149.95.

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