HAI Firmware Addresses Connectivity Needs

HAI's firmware update brings added features and expanded connectivity to the Omni and Lumina systems.

HAI Omni

HAI’s Omni system controller.

Home Automation Inc. (HAI) has released Version 2.15 controller firmware for the Omni and Lumina home control systems. The update will bring added features and expand connectivity options to the Omni and Lumina systems.

With the release of Version 2.15 of their controller firmware, Home Automation Inc. (HAI) has propelled its Omni and Lumina home control systems a step or two closer to total home connectivity. Since home automation is all about integration of a home’s subsystems, increasing the list of interoperable brands and systems should be a priority for any home automation company. With this latest release, HAI’s OmniPro II and Lumina Pro home control systems can now support home audio systems from NuVo, Xantech, Speakercraft, and Proficient. This means that the programming of macros within the HAI-driven system can include certain audio systems from these companies. Who wouldn’t want to tie music into the “House Party” scene?

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The firmware adds some other features, as well, like the support of the CentraLite Starlite lighting system, increased management of the home’s thermostats, and the ability to temporarily change the level of a light. The whole list of added features can be found here, but it looks to me like HAI might be addressing specific customer needs. Minute additions like the ability to control the LED and beeper functions of a console or touchscreen seem like an answer to a chorus of customer complaints. But that is strictly my opinion. If this is the case, however, credit to HAI for addressing it and making the changes. And credit to them for expanding support of additional brands and systems, i.e. adding to their list of “Connectivity Partners.” Pretty soon they will be calling it an “Alliance …”

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