HAI Combines Remote Functionality with Kwikset Locks

Home Automation Inc. just announced stand-alone integration with its MicroControl system and Kwikset's ZigBee door locks.


It’s a nice option to be able to open a garage door. However, what about when you’re walking up to a house at night, with several bags of groceries? Where’s your remote now?

It’s at HAI. The company just announced that its MicroControl is now a stand-alone remote for ZigBee wireless door locks. This basically means that a homeowner can wirelessly lock and unlock doors with a simple button push.

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That same MicroControl is also a multitasker, able to coordinate thermostats and load control modules for compressors, generators, chillers, water heaters, pumps, fountains, and more. It can also provide a status update for each lock.

HAI says that the MicroControl and ZigBee wireless door locks can be integrated in HAI’s Omni or Lumina home control systems, as well as electronic locks from a variety of manufacturers. Using one of those systems, users can lock and unlock up to 16 doors from HAI Ethernet Touchscreens, keyfobs, and both iOS and Android devices. Those same systems can also be configured to coordinate lighting, music and temperature with the status of each lock.

ZigBee integration has been verified with the Black & Decker Kwikset SmartCode locks, but HAI says it should work with other locks that support the ZigBee standard.

If you’re looking for a little demo, check out HAI’s video walkthrough below.


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