HAI Brings Black & Decker Into Security Mix

Control systems provider Home Automation Inc. (HAI) has added Black & Decker as a new connectivity partner so you can control smart locks at the touch of a button.

hai omintouch

HAI's OmniTouch 5.7 will be operable for your Black & Decker automated door lock

Having your home protected with smart door locks is pretty cool. Being able to use a touchscreen or your mobile phone to unlock them, and at the same time trigger lighting, audio and climate events in your home is even sweeter.

That’s how Home Automation Inc. (HAI) wants you to roll when you open one of the new electronic motorized locks from Black & Decker, its latest connectivity partner within its home control provisions.

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Black & Decker showed off some automated door locks for the Baldwin and Kwikset brands back at CES in January, which will operate on ZigBee and Z-Wave wireless protocols.

HAI brought them into play at this week’s International Security Conference in Las Vegas, demonstrating how you can use an HAI OmniTouch Touchscreen, console or keyfob to work the motorized locks in your home automation system.

And not only with an HAI-branded product, but within remote access software enabled devices, like iPhones, BlackBerrys and other smart phones that can tap into your HAI system.

Because the Black & Decker products are tied into your overall automation, you’ll be able to have other subsystems programmed into such control scenes — that way when you unlock a door to get into your house, the kitchen and hall lighting might come on at a preset level, your favorite evening relaxation song playlist will fire up, and the thermostat may bump up a few degrees. Now that’s sweet security.

Check with your local HAI dealer for more info and availability.


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