HAI Adds Wireless Thermostats into Line

The Omnistat-Z line uses Z-Wave technology to keep your cool, warmth, or whatever in between.


Five wireless programmable communicating thermostats complete HAI's Omnistat-Z line.

Home Automation, Inc. is really king of all thermostats. They just announced another option into their line: the Omnistat-Z.

Each of the units in this line has something that other wireless programmable communicating thermostats (even those from HAI) cannot stake claim to: they have built-in Z-Wave technology.

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Using that mesh-networked magic, these units can coordinate temperatures based on time of day, who’s home, and other settings.

Five models compatible with different types of HVAC systems are available. Each provide remote access, either through the web or via a phone call. The Omnistat-Z line works with HAI home control systems, as well as most others.


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