Good Timing: EE System Group’s New Multifunctional Control Device

The eTIMER/EE678TS can support home automation, security control, access and utility control.

EE timer

EE System Group's eTIMER/EE678TS digital control timer

Talk about a set-it-and-forget-it device for your home control. EE Systems Group Inc.’s (EESGI) new multifunctional digital control timer will give you plenty of peace of mind.

The eTIMER/EE678TS is a versatile 24-hour 365-day event timer and counter that features a sophisticated function and easy installation and setup. eTIMER is designed to support a wide range of applications such as: Home and Building Automation, Security, Access, and Utility Control, and more, EESGI says.

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EE678TS offers selectable latching or momentary output in up to 99 seconds of delay operations during a programmable schedule. The nonvolatile memory allows for programming the prior-to/or during-field installation.

The device lets you battery back-up your setting and is PC-programmable in its standard LCD display, the year’s calendar with updated (2007+) auto daylight savings adjust, holiday pre-set and a flexible schedule for a total time control solution.


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