GoGogate Can Record the Opening of Your Garage Door

The Wi-Fi-based garage door opener has built-in video and recording features.

There are plenty of garage door openers that can be integrated into an automated home. Most of them give you a little notice when the door is being opened and closed. However, wouldn’t it be nice to see who is actually doing the opening and the closing? For that, you’ll need the GoGogate.

The GoGogate is another smartphone-based garage door opener, but it also works on gates. Even more impressive is that it has video and video recording capabilities as an option, making it quite an interesting security solution.

The video and video recording is a new thing, which can be easily added for new or existing GoGogate customers. Once installed, GoGogate users can get a visual on the opening and closing of a garage door via smartphones, computers or tablets from anywhere in the world.

GoGogate can easily connect to any existing garage door opener. From there, it works in conjunction with a free app for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to open and close the garage door or gate. It can also send out activity-based alerts.

“Adding video and video recording to our product delivers to our customers another tool that provides them with enhanced security and convenience. Being able to open your GoGogate app, access a calendar of events, and retrieve the video associated to a door being activated is not only cool but it’s also very useful,” said Antonio Cintra, GoGogate’s co-founder. “Whether it’s to verify that a package has been delivered or to double-check on your new car, you can now see what’s happening in your garage from anywhere in the world.”

Designed to work on its own or as part of a whole-house automation system, GoGogate is available now for a one-time fee of $179. To add in the video and recording features, you’ll need to purchase a compatible Wi-Fi-based camera and pay a fee for the service. GoGogate does offer a free 30-day trial period. After that, it’s only $29.95 for a three-year subscription.

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