Gesture Control for URC’s Total Control System

Gyroscopic remotes will operate screen overlays created by new advanced controller.


When I think of gesture control, I often think of waving my hands in front of a TV screen like a maniac, but good gesture control shouldn’t require anything more than a gyroscopic remote and a simple on-screen menu.

That kind of gesture control is coming to URC’s line of Total Control home control products, in the form of two gyroscopic RF remotes that you move and point to manipulate an on-screen cursor, plus an MRX-20 Advanced Onscreen Network System Controller that overlays control menus on the screen image so you can continue viewing your program.

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URC showed the system in action at last week’s CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) Expo in Indianapolis. Operational menus can appear on the bottom or side of the screen so they don’t interfere with the picture. And it offers far more than basic A/V control or favorite channels. Because the MRX-20 is a part of URC’s Ethernet network-based Total Control home control system, you can choose music from various sources, turn your home’s lights on or off, or change the temperature on a network-connected THZ-100 thermostat directly from the TV.

Both the TRG-100 and TRG-200 gyroscopic remotes use URC’s new uMotion technology. The TRG-100 offers minimized buttons for a simple experience, while the TRG-200 advanced remote provides direct numeric keys and more sophisticated control.

MRX-20 includes 10 IR ports, four RS-232 ports, four relay ports, four sensor ports, two 12-volt outputs, three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. Multiple MRX-20s can be linked together to expand the system to meet your needs.


An optional TRF-GE1 Base Station/Extender can extend the on-board RF capabilities of the remotes by up to 100 feet. URC says the systems will be available in the first or second quarter of 2013, and pricing will be available from URC dealers.


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