Gefen Launches IP-based Home Control System

Audio/video control and automation with no programming and quick installation.


It sounds like an installer’s and homeowner’s dream come true—an end-to-end automation system that installs quickly and requires no programming. That’s what Gefen, known for behind-the-scenes technology like matrix switchers, is promising with its new GAVA system.

Gefen says GAVA will control all connected audio/video devices in the home or business as well as window shades and lighting iv an IP connection. It uses an HTML5 interface and is optimized to work with smart phones and tablets (both iOS and Android) using a web browser as the control interface. Gefen says GAVA does not require “any special download applications.”

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The company says the system is intuitive and uses templates and a driver library to identify and configure AV equipment. Installers can set up a multi-zone systems in a few minutes, which gets them out of your house faster so you can enjoy it.

Once configured, GAVA retains a unique IP address that enables any authorized device with Wi-Fi capability the ability to access and control the entire A/V system. GAVA is designed to run on a network, but it does not require internet access for configuration or use. So if you lose your internet connection, you can still turn the light on.

GAVA works with A/V receivers, matrix switchers, Blu-ray players, Apple TVs, iTunes, set-top boxes and HDTV displays. If some devices are not IP ready, GAVA can be combined with Gefen’s PACS (Professional Automation Control System) or the Mini PACS bridge devices that connect via IP to use RS-232, IR and triggers to control A/V components

The new Gefen GAVA processor.

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