Gefen Launches Apple, Android Apps for GAVA Control System

The free control interface offers max abilities for mobile users


No home control/home automation system would be complete these days without a mobile app.

So despite launching its GAVA system last fall with a control interface already sweet to use on Apple iOS and Android device web browsers, Gefen has added a free mobile app for those platforms to provide similar functionality without having to fire up the browser. That’ll help simplify the process, as well as boost the efficiency of the user interface, according to the company.

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“The new GAVA App uses a caching system on your mobile device so it doesn’t need to re-load data, providing a faster and smoother loading time when you’re using other apps or when you’re on the phone,” says Orrin Charm, GAVA product manager for Gefen. “The GAVA App also makes it easier to find GAVA and to manage multiple GAVA systems.”

Like other home control systems, GAVA offers homeowners a single interface for commanding things like their A/V, lights, shades and climate, which in Gefen’s case is centered around an IP-addressable platform for all of that communication.

Gefen adds that homeowners can also use the free app even without having a GAVA system installed yet — they can download it and test drive the “Demo Systems” mode. If they’re considering a home control system, the demo mode will give them a taste of what GAVA can do as it is demonstrated without an actual system being connected or using a network address.

The Apple iOS apps (version 5.1 or higher required) for iPhone/iPad can be downloaded here, and the Android app (for versions 4.2 and higher) can be found here.

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