GE Takes “Command” Over Control Market

The new SmartCommand control center combines A/V, HVAC, lighting, security, and a slew of other electronic devices.


The SmartCommand controller integrates existing and future home systems including entertainment, HVAC, lighting, security and more.

GE Security is doing something smart for the control market — launching the new SmartCommand control center.

This 7.8-inch tablet offers control over entertainment, HVAC, lighting, security, and a slew of other devices, all on one color touchscreen.

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Serving as the central control center for GE’s SmartCommand line, this device allows users to monitor electronics and other home systems, which can result in monthly savings. It also supports GE Security’s intrusion and fire control security systems, Concord 4 and NetworX, and supports Universal Power Bus (UPB) lighting controls.

“SmartCommand gives homeowners unprecedented control over their residential environments – literally at their fingertips,” said Dean Seavers, CEO of GE Security. “SmartCommand delivers value to the residential market by integrating multiple advanced entertainment, HVAC, lighting and security control functions into a simple to use and attractive touchscreen-controlled wall unit.”

The SmartCommand is available now; Digital Trends says the retail price is around $1,000.


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